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With the advent of the 2011 NFL Draft upon us, there is no time like the present to discuss the Washington Redskins. I’ve been following the Redskins religiously since 1979. I didn’t have the privilege of witnessing Sonny Jurgensen quarterback the Burgundy And Gold. By most accounts, Christian Adolph Jurgensen would be the last “franchise quarterback” to have worn the Redskins uniform. By some accounts, that distinguished honor belongs to one Samuel Adrian “Slingin’ Sammy” Baugh, who retired in 1952, twenty years before I was born. My one wish in life is to witness all of my sports teams return to glory before I am too old to care. Fortunately, my wife tolerates this obsession, even if she fails to understand it. I digress. Twenty seasons, roughly 320 games of futility, is a cross no fan should have to bear. Bear? How’s that for a not-so-subtle segue?
Enter (presumably) one Robert Griffin III. For weeks now, we’ve all been hearing the so-called “experts” weigh in on the draft, extolling the virtues of Robert Griffin as being either the next big thing or the next biggest thing (to Andrew Luck), depending upon whom one believes. It is all but a foregone conclusion the Indianapolis Colts will select Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the draft, leaving Washington to draft Robert Griffin III as the “consolation prize.” While Luck has more experience in a “pro-style” offense, Griffin has a stronger arm, more athleticism, and considerably more in-line speed. Both are considered “cant-miss” prospects by some pundits.
Well, excuse me but this is the Washington Redskins we are talking about. The precedent track record says that this franchise can miss and will miss. Yes, this is under the direction of a bona fide General Manager in Bruce Allen and an experienced Head Coach in Mike Shanahan. Gone are the days of “Domo arigato, Vinny Cerrato.” Considering the price tag for the trade up to the second overall selection, a lot more than a few jobs are riding on not missing here. If, for any reason, Griffin III does not prove to be everything he is expected to be it leaves the Redskins without a quarterback for several years due to the traded picks and without a head coach of any note, as Shanahan will surely be fired and no one with any credentials would want to take over a team in such a state of disarray. Recently compounding the situation is the seemingly arbitrary $36 Million salary cap penalty issued by Roger Goodell for violation of the spirit of a non-existent cap under the premise it somehow affected, or will affect the competitive balance of the league.
Robert Griffin III has been posting on his twitter account, (@RGIII), a phrase which he popularized on his Pro Day. “No Pressure, No Diamonds.” Respectfully, Mister Griffin, there will be enough pressure on you to not only create a diamond but also to pulverize one once created. We need you to be everything they say you are, everything they think you are, and everything they don’t think you are. We need you to be Teflon, Kevlar, and rainbow Kryptonite. All we need is a miracle.

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